Teen Events

Study Stars

Get homework help from trained Teen Ambassadors in math, reading, science, and other school subjects. For this unique Library Study Buddy program, participants must be in Kindergarten-8th grade. Study help offered will depend on Teen Ambassador availability.     ?

Buenaventura Lakes Library
Tuesday, September 24th
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Homeschool Chess Club

Face off against new friends in the ultimate battle of wits. 

Hart Memorial Library
Wednesday, September 25th
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Health Education Series

Get the information you need to correctly read the numbers on your test results. Knowing your numbers is the key to understanding your physical well being and could help save your life. Presented by Internal Medicine physician Dr. Diorca Aquino De La Cruz. In partnership with Orlando Health.

West Osceola Library
Wednesday, September 25th
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

C3 (Cubing Club in Celebration)

Exercise your brain and learn how to solve the best-selling puzzle toy in history.the Rubik's Cube. All ages and skill levels are welcome. 

West Osceola Library
Thursday, September 26th
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Potions and Puzzles Escape Room

 Brew the perfect potion in time to escape the dungeon classroom at The School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Groups 4-6. Inspired by the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

St. Cloud Library
Thursday, September 26th
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Cooking Matters for Kids

Children will enjoy a series of 6 cooking classes offering a chance to gain skills in the kitchen while also learning about nutrition and food safety. Ages 8 and up. Due to limited supplies, each class will be limited to 15 spots. Please register each participating child.


The program is instructed by Esther Oyola, Program Assistant of the University of Florida IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program.


If you require special accommodations, such as interpreter services for the deaf or hard of hearing, please contact FNP at 321-697-3000 at least 4 days before the program begins. 

Hart Memorial Library
Thursday, September 26th
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Central Writers Group: Cyborg Shorts

Bring paper and pen, or your laptop to begin with a brief lesson and writing prompt exercises, followed by time to share your work with feedback from peers. Ages 16 and up. Write a short piece about a cybernetic organism.

Hart Memorial Library
Thursday, September 26th
7:00 PM to 8:15 PM

Teen Unwind: Shazam!

It's showtime! Grab a bag of popcorn and relax as you watch one of the newest DVD's on the big screen. Closed captioning available upon request.

For one 14-year-old boy, a chance encounter with a mystical wizard completely changes his life. It's not long before this boy discovers that one phrase grants him the ability to make a transformation into a superhero. In fact, it couldn't be easier. All Billy needs to do is shout "Shazam!" and then suddenly he morphs into an all-powerful superhero. But it turns out that possessing power doesn't necessarily make everything in life easier. 
Rated PG- 13 132 minutes
St. Cloud Library
Friday, September 27th
3:00 PM to 5:30 PM